Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can a woman deliver a 10lb baby vaginally?

You betcha. A 4 foot 9 inch grandmultip being induced for A1DM, just a whiff of pit (2 hours) and a butter birth of a 10lb 3oz boy into the waiting hands of her nurse. The doc was fumbling with gloves, for some reason he thought that an unmedicated grandmultip could just not push while he gowned and gloved. Even while the nurse is telling him "just gloves!". (insert ginormous eye roll here)

Intact perineum btw. Thank you. Thank you very much. :)


  1. mine was 11 lbs 5 oz,
    i needed assist with vac after 3 hours of pushing. I did it though !!!!!!

  2. for me, 1st ! 10lb 3oz ,2nd 9lb 15oz, 3rd 8lb 11oz.

  3. So very glad to have found your blog! I've been doing doula work with homebirth and hospital birth clients since I was 18. I am finally starting my nursing classes and clinicals this fall. I always thought I'd end up working in some sector unrelated to pregnancy and birth that I love since I tend to be so outspoken about natural births, but after finding so many lovely blogs from amazing women like you who find the strength to work in the hospital setting, I'm feeling more confident this is what I'm supposed to do on my way to grad school. I'm looking forward to reading your blog over the coming years!

    And I love those big chubby babies who fly right out!

  4. @ Abby- Good for you! I know that you worked hard after 3 hours. 11lbs? Wow, that is a big baby! Let alone for your first baby!

    @ Rochelle- Your work as a doula will help you to be a good nurse (not just L&D nurse). I have often thought that my doula experience allowed me to be even more empathic with patients, to help people deal with disease, and even to help people to process death. It made me a better nurse. Now, nursing school on the other hand... Well, that was utter hell! You can get through it and I bet that you will be able to ace your OB nursing class :). Best of luck!

  5. Looking back, I think the rigors of nursing school helped prepare me for the rigors of grad school. A little real life nursing experience thrown in helped too. Congrats on your pursuit towards nursing Rochelle!

    @ Abby - my goodness, what a big baby! Great job on all 3 of your births!