Sunday, May 16, 2010

The beauty of extended breastfeeding....

My daughter breastfeed until 2 1/2, my son Bean nursed until he was almost 3. He is 4 almost 5 now and yesterday as he was snuggled up on my lap while we were sitting on the couch reading a book, his hand was ever so slightly resting on my breast. He said out of the blue, "Mama when I was a baby I drank milk from your boobies" while kind of giggling and pulling on one cheek like he does when he is nervous, embarrassed, or knows that he is being cute. I said "yes you did- do you remember it?" He emphatically said "Yes! It was better than the milk in the fridge!" We talked a little more about breastfeeding and all of the good that it did him. He seemed satisfied with the conversation and put his head back on my shoulder so that we could finish the story.. :) I love my munchkin!

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