Monday, August 9, 2010

Induced Labor May Double the Odds of a C-Section

The induction of first time moms really needs to be drastically reduced. According to this study, first time moms who had their labor induced doubled their chances of ending up in the OR. I see this cycle happen all of the time.
1) Induce a first time mom because she is at 41 weeks, or baby is estimated to be LGA, or for doctor's convenience (not so much at county though).

2) Round one of cervadil (12 hours). Potentially NPO during this phase if the nurse doesn't advocate to be able to feed the patient.

3) Round 2? of cervadil. Seriously, it happens.

4) A balloon (8 hours). Hopefully she is 4cm when we take the balloon out.

5) Pitocin.

6) More pitocin.

7) Pain and epidural. Break her water.

8) Now, she is chorio because we keep sticking our fingers and other things up her vagina. Antibiotics.

9) Internal monitors at some point.

10) Still NPO, for over 24 hours at this point. (and we wonder why the uterus doesn't want to work anymore)

11) Failure to progress (better), massive fetal decels (worse) and a trip to the OR. Another unnecessarian.

12) Honey, it wasn't your fault- it was ours.

This happens over and over. I hate it.

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  1. We (nurse like us!) can make a difference - one woman/baby at a time. Don't forget that!!