Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm that friend...

My best friend is pregnant- yeah! She is due on my birthday- double yeah! But, I totally suck. Like seriously I'm not even sure that I should talk to her until she delivers. On the phone she asked an innocent question about how I handle working at Big County Hospital and I start to bitch and moan. I'm supposed to be the rah rah birth cheerleader and I start talking about vacuum deliveries and c/sections! What the heck is wrong with me!? She isn't even a nurse- so no terrible stories of her own! I realized what I did, but it was too late. She beat a hasty retreat and I sent her a long apologetic text promising only positive birth stories from now on... I suck. Seriously. Maybe I can blame Big County Hospital for making me jaded? I think I need some beautiful births to get my rah rah spirit back.

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