Saturday, September 25, 2010

You all have to go see this post...

This is better than anything I could put together. Seriously, go and read. Notice the looks of joy on those mother's faces!
The Midwife Next Door

All of these things are implementable at any hospital- even the super busy county hospital that I work at. Patients need to be informed (first off), they need to advocate for themselves, and providers need to be willing to change how we deliver obstetric care. Unfortunately now, the only way to get these things in my state is to deliver at a birth center or at home. That makes me very sad.


  1. That post was awesome! I love knowing that there's someone like you working from inside the system to make it better for both mothers and babies.

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  3. Hi there! Unfortunately I am three years late with this blog, but I've really enjoyed reading it. Your anecdotals combined with evidence-based information really taught me a lot! I hope that you return some day and are doing well!

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