Friday, April 16, 2010

First Post!

As I am new to the blogging world, please bear with me here! This blog started because of my complaining about yet another crappy birth at the large county hospital that I work at as a L&D RN. I got a suggestion from a friend (as I was bitching away) that I needed to find an outlet for "all of this negativity" as she gestured to all of me with a wave of her balanced unangsty hand. Um, okay she might be right. I have always been a journaler, but to move into blogging from journaling was a way to say to the world, "SEE, this is what REALLY happens" and maybe along the way to change things a bit.

I love birth. LOVE IT. I have a hunger deep in my spirit to be carried along on the high of a laboring woman and to feel the clap of magic as a new soul enters the room. I have two muchkins Little Miss who is 8 and Bean who is 4. Little Miss was born at a large birth center with a CNM, and surprisingly I had a terrible experience with her birth. I had a long labor with little support from my midwife. After she was born, I became a doula because I didn't want other women to feel unsupported. After attending births for several years, I started to get hungry to do MORE. To have more autonomy, to have more skills, to help fix the bad outcomes that I had observed as a doula. Along the way, I had Bean in a beautiful homebirth filled with midwives and doulas that I loved. It was empowering and wonderful. When Bean was 18 months old, I started nursing school to get my Bachelors in Nursing. Now, I am nearly a year out of school and am working in a very large county teaching hospital. I would love to be a midwife, but my kiddos need to get a bit older before I can go back to school.

All names and identifying information have been changed and/or omitted in this blog. HIPAA is not being violated.